Income Tax for Landlords – The Tax Blitz Series

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Welcome to “Income Tax for Landlords – the Tax Blitz Series” from Clever Burdy

You may be a seasoned landlord or you might be new to the Landlord party (or a “reluctant” landlord as many say to me). If you have a fear of the tax man or have ever asked the question “How do I file an Income Tax Return (Form 11)”? Navigate your tax and filing obligations with absolute ease from this point on.

Even if you have an accountant or tax agent handling your income tax return, the benefits of understanding rental accounts and income tax cannot be underestimated and this course will guide you on how manage your rental income and expenditure in the most tax efficient way. The age old saying “forearmed is forewarned” must surely have been penned by someone burned by a huge tax bill that could have been avoided by knowing what we will teach you in this course.

Why should you do this course?

If you have a wobble when you think of tax, the Revenue Commissioners, that envelope with the harp then this is your one stop shop to dissolve all those worries.

For some, the services of an accountant or tax agent is just not feasible so once you have completed this condensed and jam-packed online course you will be ready to tackle your rental taxes each and every year! Even if you have an accountant, the information in this blitz session will help you make smart choices every day. We have hand-picked the most valuable topics essential for landlords to help you with your filing obligations.

Who is this course for?

This bespoke course is for landlords, tax agents, those looking for a refresher or anyone with an interest in tax.

What will you learn?

After completing this course you will gain a thorough understanding of the tax obligations of a landlord. You will learn how to register for self-assessment income tax using Revenue Online Services (ROS), what expenses a landlord can claim as a deduction against tax (and more importantly what they can’t). You will also have an understanding of the implications of capital expenditure versus revenue expenditure, use of losses and how to reflect this on your income tax return. You will feel completely confident and competent in filing your own Form 11 income tax return from this point on.

CPD Hours Awarded: 2.5 hours

Course Length:

Approx 2 hours online viewing plus allow 30mins to complete your self-assessment quiz. You will receive a invaluable sample rental profit and loss template to aid you through our practical example of navigating the Form 11 and calculating a tax liability.

You will have uninterrupted access to any course purchased for a full 6 months from date of purchase so plenty of time to take all this invaluable info in!

Areas covered in the course:

  • Registering for Income Tax using ROS
  • What other taxes can you register?
  • Record keeping
  • The RTB – how does it affect your tax?
  • Rent-A-Room relief
  • Allowable expenses – the logic behind it
  • Disallowable expenses – the rules per Revenue
  • How to calculate taxable profit
  • Losses – how to use them
  • Filing your tax return (Form 11) – worked example and we walk you through the process
  • Determining your liability
  • Preliminary tax
  • Capital allowances – what are these and how do they differ to other expenses
  • Surcharges for late filing
  • What to do if you make an error on your return?
  • Shared ownership