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Payroll services for businesses in Ireland

Our friendly Payroll Specialists are IPASS certified and up to date with PAYE Modernisation. We will work with accuracy, precision and efficiency on all your payroll matters. We are dedicated to making sure the payroll function in your business operates smoothly.

We use Sage Payroll and Collsoft which gives employers and employees access to a industry leading payroll platform on their computer and mobile phone. Employers and employees can retrieve their payment details quickly and easily from the cloud.

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Payroll is more than just payment.

For the majority of businesses, employees are your most valuable asset, and payroll services are crucial. Payroll covers more than just a list of people you employ and what they are paid. It’s also about the tax information and compliance with employment law and regulations.

Ensuring that they are paid on time and that you have met all legal requirements is critical. The impact of not managing this correctly can have a significant impact on the success of your business.

Five employer payroll responsibilities

As an employer, you have the following 5 responsibilities:

  1. Paying your employees’ wages or salaries.
  2. Calculating their benefits such as holiday pay, sick leave, insurance and retirement.
  3. Deducting taxes on behalf of the state government.
  4. Paying all payroll taxes (Including some you owe as an employer)
  5. Filing reports to show that you’re doing all these things correctly.

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We’ll take care of your payroll setup.


  • The first thing we will do is check if you are registered as an employer with Revenue. If not, we will register your business as an employer.

  • If it’s the case that you are already registered we will link as your PAYE tax agent with Revenue. This notifies Revenue that we take care of your payroll and we will directly communicate with them on your behalf.

We take care of your payroll processing

Calculate tax and report to Revenue

Our team will look after calculating employees’ income tax deductions, reporting the payment to Revenue and the electronic delivery of payslips to employees and employers. Furthermore, we’ll prepare and file monthly PAYE returns to the Revenue Commision.

Ensure staff are paid correctly and any changes are implemented quickly.

We are dedicated to ensuring that employees’ taxes are correct and they receive their payslips. We’re always on hand to answer any queries you may have and to keep up to date with the changes in your business.

Calculate employers’ PRSI liability

We make sure to notify employers of their PRSI liabilities as many business owners may not consider this.

Employers also pay ‘employer PRSI’ on top of any salary they pay employees. Employers PRSI is generally 11.05% of the salary of the employee. But this may vary depending on the employees’ PRSI class.

Making payment to Revenue on your behalf

We can pay employers’ PAYE tax liabilities to Revenue on your behalf if your business doesn’t have direct debit set up. This means you can pay us your PAYE tax liability and we will pay that amount directly to Revenue on your behalf via direct debit as part of your service with us.

Our Payroll Team is here to help make running your business easier. Get in touch now to discuss outsourcing your payroll. We’re always happy to help.

Get expert advice from our Payroll Specialists

We are always on hand to answer your questions about tax credits, income tax deductions, holiday hours and pay, queries about Revenue, setting up on Revenue’s Online System (ROS), important deadline dates for filing and paying PAYE liabilities and how payments are made.

Depending on your industry, you may also have queries about business mileage, subsistence, working from home allowance, benefit-in-kind (BIK), pensions, tax-free vouchers etc. We’re always happy to offer tailored advice based on your specific situation.

Let us take care of your payroll.


Our expert payroll specialists are up to date with PAYE Modernisation and can take care of your business’ payroll for you from ? per month.

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