Are you Brexit Ready?

  • Will you be engaged as a supplier or purchaser of goods and materials from the UK from the 1st January 2020?
  • Do you want to learn how to reduce or eliminate customs duties and taxes?
  • Are you fed up of only seeing generic Brexit webinars not tailored to you?

If you answered YES to some or all of the above then we have your solution to save you time and money and ensure your business experiences no interruptions as a result of Brexit.

Why use us?

Deirdre O’Keeffe TMITI has over 15 years industry experience in all areas of VAT, business tax compliance and customs procedures.

  • We offer pre-webinar consultation to ensure you are registered for a webinar tailored to your sector, that is, we get straight to what it is applicable to you.
  • Why sit through a generic webinar when we can remove all the hassle by ensuring we cover the key core elements of importing and exporting?
  • We offer post-webinar consultation to assist you in applying the methods and preparation procedures to your business and assess your exposure to Brexit.
  • We offer a better return on your investment (and that includes the investment of your time) as you will learn solid foundations and be armed with a fail-proof task list.
  • We can assist you in sourcing a reputable customs agent to act on your behalf.

Who should use us?

If you buy from or sell to the UK after midnight 31st December 2020 you will now be engaged as an importer and exporter so it is vital you learn NOW what procedures you should have in place.

These are some of the sectors we expect to see hit hard by Brexit that we can help now:

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Businesses engaged in tendering that purchase from the UK
  • Construction industry

Recommended attendees include business owners, buyers, sales team representatives and accounts administrators.